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Ancient Art Concrete Concrete Table Tops - Fabricated by Hand by Artisans

Customized to match any Decor      

          Built for the Millennia... Built for Your Home or Business



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 Concrete Countertops and Table Tops Austin, Texas

Please note: Color and texture will vary with this handmade concrete product, changing over time as it patinas. Hairline cracks (not to be confused with structural cracks) will also continue to develop over time. This aging process is what makes concrete so unique and a desirable feature for those who want it. *Warning , according to standard construction practices, concrete should never be exposed to high temperatures or flames, it can explode! At bare minimum, it will develop structural cracks. Care should be taken when engineering and designing fireplace surrounds and fire pits. We are not licensed engineers and cannot provide structural or construction advice. Generally, our work only comprises the placement of concrete elements onto existing structures. Therefore, all engineering and construction rest solely on those installers or designers.


The Artisans at Ancient Art Concrete are trained in the Buddy Rhodes system of Decorative Interior (& Exterior) Concrete.  Buddy Rhodes has been producing concrete countertops longer than any other Artisan.  He is not only a pioneer in the field, he has perfected the system to ensure consistent results in both form and function.  Your investment in Ancient Art Concrete will eternally grace your home.  -  It's the Buddy Rhodes system.


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Concrete Table Tops - Cafe Table Bases
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Concrete Table Tops - Steel Table Bases - From Massif

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Ergonomic Cafe Table Bases - Download PDF Here
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