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Austin Cast In Place Countertop

When you want a concrete countertop with less or zero seams – then cast in place concrete is what you need. This Austin residence not only wanted a larger than normal concrete countertop, they wanted little to no seams.

austin concrete countertops

austin countertop concreteMost times, we cast concrete countertops with seams. It’s kind of the nature of the beast. Just like granite countertops, the individual “slabs” must be transported from our shop to another location in Austin, Texas. Since concrete is heavy and bulky, we have to limit the size that we can carry – which is usually under 8 feet long and about 3 feet wide – at it’s maximum.

Another reason that we need seams is that most customers want a smooth cast look on the surface of  their concrete countertop. The smoothest look comes from us casting the countertop upside down into smooth concrete molds in our shop. Again, the material for the molds is usually limited to 8 foot sheets. Longer sheets can be acquired, but it’s impractical and expensive.

Not to worry. if you want less seams and have a larger countertop space, then we can cast it in place. This procedure involves us going to your location (limited to Austin, Texas) and building concrete forms / molds on top of your cabinets (or whatever support structure that you have). In this process, we cast the concrete into the mold right side up. We of course need to hand trowel the top surface of concrete in this case, and we are very skilled in this process.

Most concrete countertops artisans in Austin will only do one or the other (cast in place or pre-cast concrete in their shop). We have been doing concrete countertops longer than anyone in Austin Texas. Being able to cast the countertops both ways gives us great flexibility to meet your needs.






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