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Burnt Orange Island Concrete Contertop Austin


Interior decorative concrete has been used in the Austin Hill country for some time now. Home owners, interior designers and architects like the warm, earthy tones and the ability to customize the color to match any motif. Noted for it’s popularity on floors, with Acid Staining techniques, now concrete has been elevated to the countertop level, bringing a more intimate relationship with this timeless, ancient material.

-Concrete Defines Ancient, dating back to the Egyptians and the pyramids
-Concrete is timeless in Function and Beauty
-Measured by the millennia not the century or even the decade
-Evidenced by the many ancient concrete structures still functioning today
-Concrete in the heart of your home – timeless

 Concrete countertops invite the touch of the hand

* Concrete can be molded to any shape, taste or desire
* Concrete countertops can be personalized with the home owner’s creativity using
forms, inlays, textures, shapes, colors – the possibilities are endless.

Concrete Countetops Color Options

*Custom colors, whites, and those containing cobalt blue or green pigment carry an up charge in pricing. Color and texture will vary with this hand-made product. – See note below at footer
note: white will emphasize and highlight hairline cracks

Concrete Bath Vanity Austin

Hard Troweled Finish. Bone White Concrete Color

Concrete Vanity Austin

Concrete Vanity with Edge Voids Exposed









Concrete bathtub surroundConcrete Vanity with Drain Rails